* Classic Mini Race Engines.
* Formula junior A series Race Engines
* We are equipped with Froude transient engine dyno so all engines leave our workshop fully tested and developed all figures are corrected to DIN 720700
* In house facilities also include dynamic balancing, Superflow gas flow measurement
* Machining facilities include CNC. We manufacture specialist parts used by many other engine builders and copied by some…
* For your A series race engine we are the one stop shop
* Established in 1987

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Dynamic balancing
Cylinder head rework
Cylinder head development and gas flow
Complete engine build and development
Dyno run engine and remap



Titanium valve retainers A series and 6R4
(others online soon)
Valve guides and seats in Copper Nickel silicone
Flywheel and strap bolts (A series transverse)
Main bearing studs (A series 1300 & 998)
Cam caps studs (6R4)
Race valves (various)
Little end bushes (A series & 6R4)
Titanium reducer bushes for spherical bearings